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The world's first add-on autopilot


LaneCruise™ is the first ever, truly universal, self-driving add-on kit. Enjoy hands-free highway cruising and stress free bumper-to-bumper traffic driving without the need to buy a new car. With 3 redundant methods of disengagement, you’re always safe and in control.

Here's what you'll get in your kit:

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Our Vision Your Safety

Dual Cam Vision system that detects everything that’s important for driving.

You’re in control, our system is guaranteed to disengage as soon as you touch the pedals or tug on the steering wheel.

Every ADAS (Level 2) system has its limitations, but what makes LaneCruise™ special, is that it knows its limitations, and will warn you to drive when near those limits.

Our actuators are dual processor backed up and power loss safe, which means you can rest assured that nothing happens without your approval.


LaneCruise™ in action!

BBC click’s coverage of our prototype at CES 2017

CBC’s Dragon’s Den, aired on Nov 16, 2017

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"LaneCruise is truly universal and can be fitted to just about any car"

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Questions & Answers

Will it affect my insurance?

The vast majority of insurance companies do not ask about your Level 2 self-driving capabilities. This is why when purchasing insurance for cars with Level 2 built in, the question of “your autonomous options package” does not come up.

The driver is responsible. At the current level, we need the driver to monitor our system, just as they would if they had their cruise control on. LaneCruise™ is not intended to take on any responsibility for your driving.

Over time, we believe that with the help of our beta customers, we can prove that accident rates will drop when a car is equipped with LaneCruise™. This will result in lower insurance premiums for those with LaneCruise™ in their car.

Is it Legal?

At present, in most jurisdictions, Level 2 autonomy is not regulated and hence, totally legal. This is why you can buy a luxury car with some of these features built in, without any legal implications.

Only a few states have regulation surrounding Level 3 autonomy and for these states, we will receive approval to sell LaneCruise™, prior to shipping any units.

The law at present requires that your car is road worthy. This means that the safety critical functions of your car work as intended. Installing LaneCruise™ does nothing to modify the car’s systems and leaves your car, as road worthy as before.